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Group therapy can be a powerful method of counseling. Groups provide a safe environment which encourages support of its members and personal and relationship growth. Some groups are structured around a theme. Other groups, with less structure, help members learn more about themselves and the way they interact. In couples’ groups, participants improve their relationships and support others in doing the same. See below for the listings of each type of group or select the text link above.

Women’s Groups

These groups have all of the advantages of group therapy and yet provide the safety of helping women grow into their full selves with other women.

List of Women's Groups

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Organizer Title Details Contact Where When
Alicia George Build Relationship Skills and Self-Esteem This ongoing psychotherapy group is for women who want to improve their relationship skills and self-esteem. In an environment that offers honesty, acceptance, and support, members can discover what keeps them from relating effectively, then learn to communicate more assertively, relate more authentically, and accept themselves more fully. Limited to 8 members. A free initial consultation is available to all prospective members. (202) 328-9055 3000 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 210, Washington, DC (near Woodley Park-Zoo Metro) every Tuesday 6:35-8:05 p.m.
Ann Dobbertin Women's Psychotherapy Group It is a gathering place for women to share common concerns: self-care, loss of work identity, isolation, relationship a with spouse and family, parenting . . . It offers an opportunity to focus on thoughts, feelings, and personal growth when there isn't much space to do it at home. Dream work, art work and structured exercises enhance the workings of the group. 301-422-0101 Ann Dobbertin 3320 Stanford St. Hyattsville, MD 20783 Wednesdays - Weekly 10:30-12N
Caroline Bernhardt-Lanier Mom Matters Group for Mothers Weekly group for mothers of young children to explore their challenges and hopes, learn how to manage stress and anxiety better, and discover new balance, confidence, and self-care tools. 301-461-5591 Bradley Hills Presbyterian Church, Bethesda Tuesdays, 9:30-11am, Sept.-Dec.
Marianne Tamulevich Women's Group Co-led Women's Psychotherapy Group 25 years and older. Relationship issues, midlife changes, personal feedback and support. Please call for more information and personal interview. 202 234 9342 1700 17th Street NW Suite 601 Wednesdays 11:30 - 12:45
Hayley Hoffman Women in the 2nd Chapter of Life 20-something to 40-something, curious about how you got here and who you are in this moment of your life, willing to explore the emotions, behaviors and patterns that keep you stuck, prepared to peel back “layers of the onion” to better understand your “baggage,” curious about what change might look and feel like, looking for validation, seeking a personal challenge, desiring support, considering a career move or a geographical solution, yearning for a devoted relationship, in a relationship, committed to single-life, juggling the balance of career and personal life, beginning a family, and/or perhaps, hoping to avoid the mistakes of your past. 3015205662 St. Mark's 301 A Street SE WDC 20002 Weds 8am-9:15 am
Bohne Silber Making it Through Separation and Divorce This group is for women looking for a warm and supportive group as they go through the difficulty of separation and divorce 410-994-3836 Location in Columbia TBD The time is TBD
Hayley Hoffman Women in the 3rd Chapter of Life A (wo)man's age is something impressive. It sums up her [sic] life: maturity reached slowly and against many obstacles, illnesses cured, griefs and despairs overcome, and unconscious risks taken; maturity formed through so many desires, hopes, regrets, forgotten things, loves. A (wo)man's age represents a fine cargo of experiences and memories. - Antoine de Saint-ExuperyWomen who identify as any or all of the following may be interested in a psychodynamic group therapy experience: An Empty nester, a Career changer, Over 50, Going through Menopause, Going through Perimenopause, Becoming a Grandparent, Single again, Single by choice, in a “December romance”, Considering retirement, Looking for passion, Embracing the changes, In a long term relationship or feeling generally discomfited due to changes in your body, your life situation or your options at this stage of life. 3015205662 St. Mark's 301 A Street SE WDC 20002 Thurs 7: 30 pm
Hayley Hoffman Sexuality and Women in the 3rd Chapter of Life 10 week sessions focused on sexuality provide a platform for psycho-education, sexual education, personal growth, self-reflection and interpersonal exploration. These goals may prove to be merely the beginning of a journey the women in the group will take together. Commitment to the ongoing process, even when discussions feel challenging, awkward or invasive is an investment in self-knowledge. Through the confidential group experience, you will be encouraged to make changes in your sexual life, participate in exercises and discussions regarding your sexual concerns, your body, long-believed myths about female sexuality, aging and stereotypes. You will identify your sexual wants and needs and explore ways to achieve sexual self-awareness and satisfaction. You will learn safe, positive communication with a partner. You will explore your sexual identity past and present and the impact of aging on your sexuality. Sexual knowledge: fact versus fiction, relationship hopes and wants, and perceptions that prevent you from living as an authentically sexual woman in your later life will be explored in the safe confines of the group. During the group, you will learn ways to communicate with others, to identify your feelings and recognize behaviors that emerge. You will validate and empathize with group members while being seen and heard as your authentic self. Given time, grace and a willingness to be curious, the group will develop its identity. 3015205662 St Mark's 301 A St SE WDC 20002 Thurs 7:30 am- 8:50 am (10 weeks only)