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Annual Integration and Application Day
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Who We Are

MAIT aspires to be the primary association of all relationship therapists and educators in the Mid-Atlantic region. We seek to expand and deepen our skills at helping relationships develop conscious, vital, and joyful connections in which each individual can thrive. We are committed to helping the public access the services of our skilled and caring members.

Our Mission

  1. We are an open, welcoming and warm community whose core values of hospitality, inclusivity and dialogical relationships inform everything we do when we gather to learn, govern and work together.
  2. We are rooted in Imago Relationship Therapy and committed to being part of its evolution, integration and synthesis.
  3. We provide outstanding professional continuing education on a wide range of relationship issues.
  4. We are inclusive and invite clinicians using other relational models to join the Association and actively participate in the creation of best practices and the charting of new and integrated frontiers in couples work.
  5. We have fun! We sponsor social gatherings to help connect our personal, professional and familial lives. We have learned that playing and celebrating together expands our own clinical and relationship-building skills.

Education and Community Programs

MAIT supports its members through frequent trainings, seminars, and workshops that aim to deepen our expertise and promote personal and professional growth. Our full day workshops provide valuable CEUs.

What’s Imago?

Used by thousands of trained therapists and educators throughout the world, Imago is a highly effective form of relationship therapy and communication skills developed over 25 years ago. In this transformational method, couples learn to get beyond defensive barriers, deepen intimacy, enhance passion, and promote healing from early relational wounds. Imago can lead to changed behaviors and attitudes, giving couples the tools to maintain and grow joyful, committed partnerships. The central practice of Imago therapy is the Intentional Dialogue, which provides the safety needed to begin the journey to real connection though empathic listening and validation.

Join us!

Membership dues are low; the benefits are high! (And, if you are currently taking the Basic Clinical Imago training, your membership is free during your first year of training!) For details on how to join:

Around the Beltway
MAIT Book Group

Join MAIT colleagues to learn and discuss therapeutic topics to help you in your practice.

For the Around the Beltway schedule, click here.

For the MAIT Book Group schedule, click here.

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