Why Join MAIT?

Mental Health Professionals practicing in the Mid-Atlantic area, who are Imago therapists, plan to become certified as Imago clinicians, or are just general interested in Imago Therapy, are encouraged to join MAIT and enjoy the benefits outlined in About MAIT.

Those who are currently participating in the Basic Clinical Imago training are eligible for a free membership during their training and for a full year upon completion of their clinical training. (Important Note: Only members who are Certified Imago Therapists are listed in the MAIT Online Directory.)

How to Join MAIT

The MAIT Membership year begins in September. To join MAIT, you will need to register with MAIT by creating an online account and filling out a minimum of information about yourself. Fee information is available upon log in. In addition to paying by check, you will have the option of paying online using a credit card through PayPal (you do not have to have an account with PayPal to use a credit card).

No Previous Account
If you have never had an account with MAIT, click here to create and account and follow the instructions. Once your account is activated you will be able to log in using the information provided in order to access dues information and join MAIT by paying online.

You Have an Account with MAIT
If you have already created a MAIT account and logged in previously, for example to register for a MAIT Event as a Non-Member, click here to log in using your previous login information in order to access dues information and join MAIT by paying online.

For More Information About Membership, Contact:

Ms. Sharon Nalley, Executive Administrator

Email: admin@imagoma.org
Phone: 301-526-3018

P.O. Box 7762, Wilmington, NC 28406