For MAIT Members and Other Mental Health Professionals

Welcome MAIT Members and other Mental Health Professionals. Explore this page to learn about MAIT Continuing Education Programs and the benefits of joining MAIT. Additionally, you can contact the MAIT Executive Board members, committees, and committee chairs, for additional information.

About MAIT

The Mid-Atlantic Association for Imago Relationship Therapists (MAIT), founded in 1995, includes therapists from Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia. Certified Imago Relationship Therapists and those in training to be certified, may hold full membership. Associate Membership extends to area therapists interested in learning more about Imago. As a regional association, MAIT maintains active involvement with Imago Relationships International, a non-profit organization whose mission is to "change the world . . . one relationship at a time." To view more about MAIT, click here.

MAIT Events

MAIT sponsors four major types of educational events. Members and non-members are encouraged to attend all events.

Imago Training and Consultation

As a MAIT Member, you will have continuing education training and consultation opportunities. Click here to read more about Imago Training and Imago Consultation.

Why Join MAIT?

Mental Health Professionals practicing in the Mid-Atlantic area, who are now or plan to become certified Imago clinicians, are encouraged to join MAIT and enjoy the benefits outlined in About MAIT. To learn more about the MAIT Benefits, click here.

MAIT Executive Board, Committees, and the By-Laws

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Click here to view the MAIT Executive Board, Committees, and By-Laws.