Imago Training Offered by MAIT Members

Basic Clinical Training

MAIT Members, who are Certified Clinical Instructors, offer basic clinical training to become a Certified Imago Couples Therapist. This intensive course teaches the theory and practice of Imago Relationship Therapy. Level I is a 12-day training program, usually completed in three sessions of four days each. Over this six to nine month period, the trainees practice with their clients and bring in videotapes for consultation. Level II is a six-month program of supervision leading to a final tape for evaluation and written self-evaluation. MAIT Members, who are Certified Imago Consultants and Certified Clinical Instructors, can provide this supervision. For more information, visit the website, Imago Relationships International.
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Workshop Presenters for Couples

This course is designed to prepare the Certified Couples Workshop Presenter® to present intensive 18-hour workshops for Couples.
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Imago Community Educator Program

The Imago Community Educator Program enables individuals who are passionate about relationship education to present Imago-based seminars to couples and groups within their respective communities. Imago Community Educators will be trained over a four-day period in the fundamentals of Imago Relationship Theory and will develop their presentation skills and marketing techniques in order to present these seminars in community centers, churches, synagogues, schools, and other institutions.
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Other Imago Professional Training

Other Imago professional training events are offered by MAIT Members. These educational events are for therapists who are interested in learning about Imago, as well as Imago therapists who want to deepen their skills & knowledge.
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