Imago Weekend Workshops

MAIT therapists, who are specially trained to teach Imago theory and practice, offer numerous workshops in the Mid-Atlantic region. Workshops for the coming months are as shown below. Please contact the presenter directly to enroll or for further information.

Getting the Love You Want - A Workshop for Couples

This intensive, 20-hour workshop for married and unmarried couples has been recommended by many couples’ therapists in the Mid-Atlantic area as a way to improve your relationship, effectively and immediately. Couples learn new tools for communication, ways to turn conflicts into opportunities for personal growth, and rediscover the joy of being together.
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Keeping the Love You Find - A Workshop for Individuals

This intensive, 18 hour workshop appropriate is for individuals not currently in a committed relationship, who are tired of making the same mistakes and want to learn to find and keep lasting love. Using lectures, guided imagery, written exercises and role plays in groups of three or four, participants develop a greater understanding of why past relationships have failed and begin the healing process.
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Other Imago Weekend Workshops

Therapists will be posting workshops to this area of the website that are based on Imago concepts. Previous workshops have included topics such as Advanced "Getting the Love You Want", Keeping the Passion Alive, Overcoming Reactivity, and Conscious Parenting: Giving the Love that Heals. Please check back periodically for more listings.
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