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Around the Beltway Programs

Certified Imago Therapists in various locations in the Washington Metropolitan area and Baltimore offer these free programs. They provide an opportunity for therapists to further explore topics in Imago Therapy, as well as look at the integration of Imago Therapy with other theories. Additionally, therapists experience community support in attending these meetings.

We want to hear from YOU! Reach out with any topic that interests you and might lend itself to 1 and 1/2 hour, mostly lunchtime, dates.You do not have to be an expert in order to lead a lunchtime ATBS. This is a safe space to test your presenting skill and let your community know about your practice. Reach out to Dianne Modell to brainstorm ideas with you and offer support for your presentation.

Past successful topics include:

  • Working with Couples on Rapid Ejaculation 
  • Working with other Sexual Issues with Couples
  • Using the Enneagram with Couples
  • Memory Consolidation in Couples Work
  • Internal Family Systems with Couples
  • Brain-spotting
  • The Secret of Great Relationships: "LEARN WITH HORSES", led by Betsy Hickok
  • Emotional Freedom Technique/ Meridian Tapping
  • Working with the Minimizer in Couples Work
  • There are so many possible ATBS topics to consider
  • Spirituality in Couples Work
  • Integration other Paradigms In Couples Work
  • Updating the Use of Behavior Change Request or Parent/Child Dialogue
  • Using "Focusing" and "The Body Felt Sense" Couples work
  • Mindfullness

Around the Beltway Programs | Upcoming Events

No Events of this type are currently scheduled.

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