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    We are excited to share MAIT's website! Our goal with our website is to create a user-friendly browsing experience for our valued members and the public looking for IMAGO therapists. We hope you enjoy our platform and that it is easy to navigate, and user-friendly.
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    All new contacts and members will be provided with instructions for logging in to the website upon joining. If you are a current contact or member of MAIT, you can now log into the site using your email address and password. If you do not have your password, request a password reset (please allow a few minutes for the password reset to be emailed to you).  Once logged in you will be able to make changes to your online profile.  

    For instructions on how to access/edit your profile click here

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    MAIT uses the Membership Software Wild Apricot.  Wild Apricot is an integrated set of web tools combining membership, event and website management used by over 16,636 associations, clubs, online communities, membership website, non-profit organizations and other groups.

    This site has numerous self-service options for members and contacts. Most of these options are available from their member or contact profile.  Please find instructions for editing and updating your member information below.

    Accessing the profile

    Members and contacts can access your profile by logging in to their Wild Apricot site using your email address and password.

    Once logged in, your name will appear in the upper right side of your webpage as a link to your profile. Clicking this link will take you to your personal profile page.

    Updating the member profile

    After clicking the profile link, you will see your membership details and contact information.

    To update your profile, click the Edit profile button.

    After making changes to your profile, make sure to click the Save button.

    Privacy settings

    The Privacy tab allows you to specify which fields are visible to everyone, other members, or hidden from everyone else.

    These settings apply to your listing in the member directory and on your Therapist Finder.

    If a lock icon appears beside a field, the member cannot change the privacy setting for that field. 

    A member can hide their public profile altogether by unchecking the Allow to show profile option.

    My directory profile

    Click on My directory profile to preview how your profile is displayed to others based on your privacy settings.

    Email subscriptions

    The Email subscriptions tab allows members and contacts to adjust email preferences. 

    Event Registrations

    The Event registration tab provides a snapshot of past and upcoming events that members and contacts have registered for/attended. (Note:  event history is only included in the profile that were held after 6/15/2018, if you need event attendance confirmation for an event prior to this time, please contact the MAIT Administrator).

    Invoices and payments

    The Invoices and payments tab allows members to view history of invoices and payments, and pay open invoices. (Note:  only invoices that have been paid with the new system will show, if you need receipt of an invoice before 6/15/2018 please contact the MAIT Administrator).

    Membership Card

    Members can print or download personalized membership cards from their member profile. A printable pdf link is available to download to save and print the card.

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    To create an event to be posted on the MAIT website, please sign in into the Member's Only area of the website and submit an Event Posting Request.  After your request is received the MAIT Administrator will format this to the website. 

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