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Imago Basic Clinical Training

MAIT Members, who are Certified Clinical Instructors, offer basic clinical training to become a Certified Imago Couples Therapist. This intensive course teaches the theory and practice of Imago Relationship Therapy. Level I is a 12-day training program, usually completed in three sessions of four days each. Over this six to nine month period, the trainees practice with their clients and bring in videotapes for consultation. Level II is a six-month program of supervision leading to a final tape for evaluation and written self-evaluation. MAIT Members, who are Certified Imago Consultants and Certified Clinical Instructors, can provide this supervision. For more information, visit the website, Imago Relationships International.

Imago Basic Imago Clinical Training | Upcoming Events

    • 15 Sep 2021
    • 19 Mar 2022
    • 3 sessions
    • Virtual Webinar
    • 100

    What really helps a couple is having an advocate for their relationship, someone who sees beneath the struggle, beneath the anger, beneath the hurt ... to the deep desire for connection and knows how to guide couples back to reconnection. We all long for this safe connection, we just don't have the skills to maintain it ... this is the gift that you will be giving your couples.  Learn more below:

    What to Expect During Imago Training

    • Clinical skills for effective work with all couples
    • Days combined with theory and clinical practice demonstrations with actual couples
    • Personalized attention and coaching
    • In-depth processes that build on one another
    • Skills for balancing growth work and fun...personally and professionally
    • A committed trainer to help you become the best possible relationship therapist
    • Support from a energetic and welcoming international organization

    Available Modules

    Module I - September 15- 18, 2021 

    Module II - January 5-8, 2022

    Module III  - March 16-19, 2022

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