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There are three types of Relationship Education Seminars:

  • ImagoConnects: 3 Hour Introduction to Imago for Couples
  • Start Right Stay Connected: 1 Day Marriage* Preparation Seminar for Couples
  • Couplehood – A Spiritual Path

ImagoConnects: 3 Hour Introduction to Imago for Couples

"Imago Connects" is a seminar for couples which introduces Imago Relationship Theory. Central to this seminar are the Imago Dialogue tool, which couples can begin to use immediately, and information about the journey from unconscious to conscious love.

This seminar will help couples understand the natural stages of relationships, the interaction of thoughts and feelings based on current understanding of the human brain, and how Imago can lead the way to deeper connection with their partner. Taught in a small group format, couples learn more about themselves, their partner, and their relationship.

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Start Right Stay Connected: 1 Day Marriage* Preparation Seminar for Couples

This Imago Premarital Seminar provides a group of couples with a one-day experience specially designed to help make their committed partnership last (*Seminar is designed for heterosexual and same-sex couples). This Relationship Education Seminar proposes that the smarter you start your partnership, the stronger your connection, understanding, and ability to deepen your love throughout the years will be. The Seminar is based in Imago theory and a sample of the topics, discussed in a fun, insightful way, are:

  • Understanding why we pick the partners we do
  • Learning about the stages of a relationship
  • Creating a conscious partnership based on true connection
  • A powerful relationship skill: the Imago Dialogue
  • Important Conversations to have before saying "I Do".

This Seminar will give information, skills and enthusiasm for "the big leap," as well as provide resources for the future.

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Couplehood – A Spiritual Path

Offered once per week for 4-6 weeks, this evening seminar for couples is formatted for either Christian, Jewish, or Secular/Inter-faith couples who want to deepen their relationship.

This Imago Seminar is a multi-session opportunity for couples to deepen and transform their relationship within the context of a faith or spiritual context. Though previous Imago work is not a pre-requisite, it is helpful as the sessions explore the potential each partnership has to transcend their usual patterns and understand the origins of attraction and conflict. Couples will build on the Imago Dialogue and learn a new way of talking and listening; co-create a relationship vision; acquire skills to manifest this vision; and uncover opportunities for healing and spiritual growth.

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Other Seminars by MAIT Therapists and Educators

Imago Certified Therapists have other seminars to offer that are based on Imago concepts.

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