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Imago Consultation Groups

MAIT Members offer individual and group Imago Consultation. Imago Certified Consultants offer CEUs through Imago Relationships International for continuing professional development. Through case presentation and videotapes, therapists learn to integrate Imago processes into their practice, explore and deepen Imago theory, receive support from other therapists and increase their confidence.

Imago Consultation Groups Schedule

Organizer Title Details Contact Where When
Ann Dobbertin Voice Dialogue Therapists Group: Learn by Doing The focus of this group is on doing personal work using the Voice Dialogue facilitation structure as a way to deepen one's understanding of Voice Dialogue


3320 Stanford ST. Hyattsville, MD 20783 2nd Monday of Each Month
David Flohr ParentCircle Consultation Group A small group of licensed clinicians meet monthly for training and support in learning and implementing the ParentCircle model, a group based comprehensive approach to the self development of the parent. Participant's have the opportunity for live observation of a ParentCircle being run by David. The group process component of this model for facilitating the development of the parent includes the foundations of Imago Relationship Therapy in effective and innovative methods of groupwork. Talk to David for more info.

703 533 9302

109 Park Washington Ct. Falls Church, Va. 22046 First Fridays of each month from 10:30-12:00
Marianne Tamulevich Consultation/Supervision Groups designed for newly trained Imago therapists needing six hours of supervision. A variety of possibilities are available. Please call for details.

202 234 9342

1700 17th Street NW Suite 601 Please Call
Gail Guttman Ongoing Imago Consultation Group In a safe environment, an opportunity to discuss cases through the lens of Imago theory & practice, explore one's personal 'triggers' & 'growth edges', develop self confidence & competence and receive support from other Imago therapists. 301-984-0322 Rockville MD Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays, once or twice per month
Gail Guttman Sex Therapy & Imago Therapy In a safe environment, therapists explore the integration of Imago therapy and sex therapy. Information is given on the theory and practice of sex therapy. Cases are discussed and therapists explore their personal 'triggers' & 'growth edges'. A new perspective on working with clients is developed. Participants increase their confidence and competence in their ability to address sexuality into their couples' work.and Tuesdays. 301-984-0322 Rockville, MD Tuesdays, every 4 to 6 weeks
Gail Guttman Ongoing Consultation Group for the Newly Trained Imago Therapist In a safe environment, therapists deepen their knowledge of the theory & practice of Imago therapy. Videotapes are presented and cases discussed. In this group, therapists are helped to prepare their videotapes for certification. Support is provided to the participants as they begin their journey to become an Imago couples' therapist. 301-984-0322 Rockville, MD Thursdays, once per month
Gail Guttman Ongoing Imago Consultation for non Imago therapists In this group, therapists bring cases and videotape for consultation. These therapists have had some introductory course material in Imago therapy, but are not on a path towards Imago couples certification. In a safe environment, participants deepen their knowledge of the theory & practice of Imago therapy, explore their 'personal' triggers, develop new insights into their couples' work, receive support and increase their self confidence. 301-984-0322 Rockville, MD Fridays, once per month
Brenda Rozier-Clark Teaching the Pastor: An Imago Lesson Clergy persons are great orators in the pulpit! What do you say, however, to the couple, members of your faith community for whom you performed the wedding ceremony three years ago and now have a baby in tow, who are close to separation and divorce? Most pastors I know like to immediately refer the couple to a marriage counselor at the first mention of a problem. How might you, as pastor and pastoral care person for your congregation and flock, talk with your couple? In this trainng for clergy, you develop with facility the Imago Intentional Dialogue through which you build tried and proved communication skills through facilitating validation and creating empathy between the couple and restoring the intimacy of connection and respect. With increased ease, clergy and pastoral care persons on staff use the teachable moment, when the couple first comes into the office, to dialogue communally with intention, thereby opening safe space between the couple for healing conversation and decision making for their marriage and family. Then, with renewed hope and realizable encouragement, you as clergy can now refer your couple to a relationship therapist for indepth healing and restoration of intimate connection and commitment. Time: By Appointment


A Church in the DC/VA metro areas By Appointment
Rebecca Sears Advanced Group Consultation In-depth work with tapes, case studies may drop in

202-449-3789 x 702

. 407 Deerfield Ave. Silver Spring Md 20910 3rd Wed. of the month 9am-12pm
Rebecca Sears Advanced Group Consultation In-depth work with tapes, case studies may drop in

202-449-3789 x 702

. 407 Deerfield Ave. Silver Spring Md 20910 3rd Wed. of the month 9am-12pm
Marianne Tamulevich Consultation Groups for Psychologists This is a group for Psychologists who may need certification from IRI and/or supervision hours for licensing in MD,VA or DC.

202 234 9342

1700 17th St.NW Suite 601 Call
Marianne Tamulevich Ongoing consultation groups Groups for therapists who want to find community, safety and fun while improving therapeutic skills and self awareness.

202 234 9342

1700 17 th Street NW, Washington DC 20009 Please call for details
Brenda Rozier-Clark Coaching and Mentoring the Therapist Outside of the boundaries of the therapy room, therapists often benefit from a non-therapy 'confidential thinking partner', a mentoring, personal coach who gives support and feedback to such questions as, 'What evokes great passion in you? What do you just have to do in your life? What is yours to do in this moment in time? What do you bring to earth's spirit in your living? What are your dreams deferred for which you wish to take action?' Coaching is an ongoing professional relationship designed to help you focus on taking action toward the realization of a vision, goals or desires in your personal and professional life. I use a process of inquiry and personal discovery, and the teaching/learning process of andragogy to help usher you into growth and transformation and a new chapter in your life. You experience unconditional support and we together design a personalized and tailored approach to helping you recognize gifts, strengths and creativity within yourself, ushering in and fostering a new chapter or transitional place in your life.[Please let me know that you wish to attend.]


6001 Tower Court, Alexandria VA 22304 To be announced
Margery Silverton Consultation Group Opportunity to explore clinical issues, person of the therapist. Both for couples therapy and individual therapy.


Annapolis Maryland Wednesday mornings, 8:30 am to 10 am.

P.O. Box 32084, Washington, DC 20007 | 301-338-8819 |

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