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MAIT Scholarship Program

Each year MAIT will provide 2/3rd tuition for up to two therapists/educators of color in the Mid-Atlantic area who wish to complete Imago Clinical Training.  Candidates must desire to serve a broader racial and ethnic population, be/become members of MAIT and be in need of financial help.


  • To increase the number of trained Imago Therapists from diverse backgrounds in our region who can offer services to clients from a broader racial and ethnic background.
  • To increase diversity in MAIT’s membership that more closely reflects the populations we serve.
  • To forge strong connections with the trainees that will provide ongoing support in their work and enrich all members’ understanding and sensitivity to the special needs and interests of people of color

Program Description

At its essence, Imago is a shift in consciousness - we’re all in relationship, all of the time. Through the lens of a relational paradigm, Imago creates truly healing, healthy, and loving relationships in a profound and dynamic way. Imago training gives you the actual tools and practice to become comfortable and adept with any couple that walks into your office, and it also puts you on a spiritual path for your own wholeness and healing in relationship. This truly transformational training increases awareness of your own potential whether in relationship with your clients, your partner and/or the world.

Imago Relationship Therapy (IRT) is a comprehensive yet remarkably coherent theory and application, developed by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D., and Helen LaKelly Hunt. IRT powerfully synthesizes major aspects of depth psychology, object relations, systems theory, and humanistic-existential theory into a comprehensive approach to working with relationships.

Through the Imago Clinical Training program (ICT), you’ll have an opportunity to learn Imago theory and methodology that helps you love working with couples. The clinical training program is broken up into 3 modules of online instruction delivered through lecture, demonstration, and experiential learning.

With this training, you’ll gain the tools and support necessary to integrate this unique and effective approach to working with couples into your professional practice, therefore, being able to teach couples how to use necessary skills to grow through power struggles inevitable in many committed partnerships.

You’ll find yourself becoming increasingly more conscious of healing that occurs when a difficult relationship begins to move into the empathic connection as opposed to the defensiveness so characteristic of couples experiencing pain.

You’ll also begin to realize the possibilities and opportunities for all couples when “individual diagnosis” is replaced with a relational lens. “The paradigm of relationship” allows us to see the wonderful potential for growth and healing via the interpersonal as opposed to the pathological labeling associated with a focus on the intra-psychic.

The Imago model…

  • turns working with couples into an inspiring experience
  • integrates proven clinical methodologies into a powerful and effective system of interventions
  • provides a new path for both personal and professional growth. 

Consistent with the approach itself, Imago believes that learning comes as much through experience as through understanding. Therefore, we compliment all of our theoretical teachings with direct practice, as well as personal exploration.

Our goal is to help therapists develop the skills that will allow a sense of confidence and competence in working with couples and relationships, thus skillfully guiding clients into “healing through relationship.”

This highly gratifying work will...

  • Take your professional career to the next level.
  • Provide relationship insight with Imago Relationship Therapy’s unique approach to resolving relationship issues and identifying opportunities for healing and growth.
  • Help couples quickly reconnect using Imago Relationship Therapy tools.
  • Teach transformative, and research-based methods to bring safety and restoration to relationships where conflict and rupture impact connection.
  • Allow for individual growth in your own personal and professional relationships, your way of working with clients, and of being in the world.
Course Structure

Level 1 (Training) - a 96 hour online training program which is completed in three modules, each equivalent to four days, broken up over 6-8 sessions. 

Level 2 (Supervision, Self-Study) - based around a six-month program of supervision which prepares for submission of a final clinical video for evaluation as well as written reports.

Overall Cost for Certification and CE Credits

3 Modules of Training: approx. $ 3,000 ($1000/module)

Getting The Love You Want Couples Workshop: $500 - $800*

Supervision: $100 per month (6 months minimum)

Final video submission and Certification: $195**

96 CE Credits: $120 or $40/module

*Price of the workshop may vary depending on the location and format.

**If a subsequent video is needed, the fee will be $150 for each further video presented for certification.


Additional Important Information as outlined by Imago Relationships North America:

Admission and Certification Requirements

Certification Process

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