Transformation Through Connection

Around the Beltway Programs

Certified Imago Therapists in various locations in the Washington Metropolitan area and Baltimore offer these free programs. They provide an opportunity for therapists to further explore topics in Imago Therapy, as well as look at the integration of Imago Therapy with other theories. Additionally, therapists experience community support in attending these meetings.

MAIT Book Groups (Washington, D.C. and Baltimore)

In suburban Maryland and Virginia, book discussion groups are hosted by MAIT Certified Imago Therapists. These groups discuss books related to the theory of relationships and couples therapy. Exploring the integration of these ideas into Imago Relationship Therapy enriches the discussion. These groups are also free and enhance community among members.

Community Education Days

MAIT offers ½ day events which are both educational and social in nature. Centered on the theory and practice in Imago, these programs deepen knowledge, provide a way to meet or reconnect with colleagues, do soft marketing and are free. Attendees walk away with a "true feeling of community."

Professional Training Days

Three to four times per year MAIT sponsors training events with national and internationally known Imago Relationship Therapy presenters and trainers, including Maya Kollman, Wendy Patterson, Hedy Schleifer, and Tammy Nelson to name a few. These programs, lasting one to two days, offer MAIT members top quality seminars with CEUs.

Social Events

MAIT Social Events are planned to build community between members where you can make new connections and friendships!

Upcoming MAIT Events

Past events

24 May 2023 "Intimacy from the Inside Out (IFIO): The Integration of interpersonal and Intra-psychic work in Couple Therapy"w/ Toni Herbine-Blank
21 May 2023 MAIT Book Group Series: Doing Imago Relationship Theory In the Space-Between" by Harville Hendrix, PH.D & Helen LaKelly Hunt, PH.D
19 May 2023 MAIT Board Meeting
12 May 2023 Around the Beltway: Grappling with Sexual Trauma w/ Gail Guttman
12 May 2023 MAIT Education Committee
16 Apr 2023 MAIT Book Group Series: Doing Imago Relationship Theory In the Space-Between" by Harville Hendrix, PH.D & Helen LaKelly Hunt, PH.D
12 Mar 2023 MAIT Book Group Series: Doing Imago Relationship Theory In the Space-Between" by Harville Hendrix, PH.D & Helen LaKelly Hunt, PH.D
17 Feb 2023 Around the Beltway: A Polyvagal Primer w/ Hayley Hoffman
12 Feb 2023 MAIT Book Group Series: Doing Imago Relationship Theory In the Space-Between" by Harville Hendrix, PH.D & Helen LaKelly Hunt, PH.D
3 Feb 2023 "Anxious in Love: How to manage your anxiety, reduce conflict, and reconnect with your partner" w/ Carolyn Daitch
16 Jan 2023 Dr. Carolyn Daitch Training - Bonus Book Group: "Anxious in Love"
13 Jan 2023 MAIT Book Group: “The Power of Discord: Why the Ups and Downs of Relationships are the Secret to Building Intimacy" by Claudia Gold and Ed Tronick
8 Jan 2023 MAIT Book Group Series: Doing Imago Relationship Theory In the Space-Between" by Harville Hendrix, PH.D & Helen LaKelly Hunt, PH.D
18 Nov 2022 "The Art of Treating Low-Desire Couples – A Skill-Building Workshop" w/ Deborah Fox and Gail Guttman
5 Nov 2022 Keeping the Love You Find
21 Oct 2022 "The Hero’s and Heroine’s Journey: Creating an Encounter with the Journey of Childhood" w/ Hedy Schleifer
1 Oct 2022 Getting the Love You Want Virtual Retreat
23 Sep 2022 MAIT Board Meeting
11 Jun 2022 MAIT Anniversary Party!!
3 Jun 2022 New Member Virtual Welcome Hour
20 May 2022 "How to Help Mr. Hyde Use What Dr. Jekyll Learned in Couples Therapy" w/ Dr. Steven Stosny
4 Mar 2022 "When Your Client Doesn't Look Like You: Relational Ethics in a Multicultural Practice" w/ Nedra Fetterman & Gene Shelley
18 Feb 2022 Around the Beltway: Creative Bereavement Strategies in a Covid World: The Use of Collage Work w/ Rickie Simpson
7 Jan 2022 "Treating Partners Struggling with Multigenerational Trauma" w/ Dee Wagner #2840
12 Nov 2021 "Integrating Sex and Couples Therapy for Marginalized Adults" w/ Lee Phillips
22 Oct 2021 Around the Beltway: Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) And The 2021 Psychedelic Mental Health Landscape w/ Kathleen Hannagan
8 Oct 2021 MAIT Book Group: “Gods of the Upper Air" by Charles King
24 Sep 2021 Around the Beltway: How to Identify Your Intuitive Type and Access it With Clients w/ Marilyn Stickle
11 Jun 2021 MAIT Book Group: “Group" a memoir by Christy Tate
26 Apr 2021 "Working with Difficult Couples through the Imago Developmental Lens" w/ Sophie Slade
16 Apr 2021 MAIT Book Group: “Life is in the Transitions: Mastering Change in a Nonlinear Age” by Bruce Feiler
12 Mar 2021 Around the Beltway: Discussion Group, Sensate Focus
10 Mar 2021 MAIT Board Zoom Meeting
26 Feb 2021 "Power and Privilege in Couples Therapy" w/ Shadeen Francis
12 Feb 2021 MAIT Book Group: "Humankind: A Hopeful History" by Rutger Bregman
29 Jan 2021 MAIT Education Committee
8 Jan 2021 "Unraveling the Survival Knot" w/ Hedy Schleifer
18 Dec 2020 Around the Beltway: Discussion Group, Somatic Intervention with our Couples
11 Dec 2020 MAIT Book Group: "Caste" by Isabel Wilkerson
9 Dec 2020 MAIT Board Zoom Meeting
20 Nov 2020 The Quest for Connection: A Polyvagal Theory Guided Approach to Relationships w/ Deb Dana
13 Nov 2020 Around the Beltway: Understanding Surrogate Partner Therapy
23 Oct 2020 MAIT Book Group: "Between the World and Me" by Ta-nehisi Coates
11 Sep 2020 Reconnection Day
21 Aug 2020 MAIT Book Group: "No Visible Bruises" by Rachel Louise Snyder
14 Aug 2020 Around the Beltway: Talking About Rapid Ejaculation
12 Jun 2020 MAIT Book Group: Eight Dates
1 Jun 2020 Becoming a Creative Couple: Transformational change in Couples Therapy Webinar w/ Hedy Schleifer #2633
1 Jun 2020 CANCELLED:: Using Poly Vagal Theory in Couples Counseling with Deb Dana
4 May 2020 Using IFS and Sex therapy with couples w/ Gail Guttman
25 Apr 2020 POSTPONED: MAIT 25th Anniversary
17 Apr 2020 ZOOM MAIT Book Group: Walking Each Other Home: Conversations on Love and Dying
10 Apr 2020 Virtual MAIT Connect #2
8 Apr 2020 Virtual MAIT Connect #1
21 Feb 2020 The Joys and Struggles of Cross-Cultural Intimate Partnering
17 Jan 2020 Around the Beltway: Go Somatic w/ Bob Gordon Friday, Jan. 17, 2020
13 Dec 2019 Around the Beltway: Working with the Minimizer in Couples Therapy w/ Rebecca Sears
7 Dec 2019 MAIT Holiday Party
25 Oct 2019 Using Enactments in Couples Counseling presented by Maya Kollman
20 Sep 2019 Reconnection Day
11 Aug 2019 Annual Crab Feast
3 Jun 2019 Using Somatic Interventions in Couples Therapy presented by Ricki Bernstein
20 May 2019 Around the Beltway: Writing & Therapy: Sharing Your Clinical Wisdom Beyond the Consulting Room
26 Apr 2019 Internal Family Systems: Intimacy from the Inside Out presented by Toni Herbine-Blank
8 Apr 2019 Around the Beltway: The In-Sync Therapist
18 Mar 2019 MAIT Book Group: "Secrets, Lies, and Betrayals"
3 Mar 2019 Around the Beltway: Using Emotional Freedom Techniques to Resolve Triggers and Deepen Connection
8 Feb 2019 Erotic Recovery After Infidelity presented by Tammy Nelson, PhD
14 Jan 2019 Around the Beltway: Applying Constellations to Couples Work
7 Jan 2019 MAIT Book Group: No More Fighting: The Relationship Book for Couples
29 Nov 2018 IMAGO: Revisioning Your Unlimited Potential A Master Class by Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt
9 Nov 2018 MAIT Book Group: Words Can Change Your Brain
2 Nov 2018 2018 Imago Conference Recap & "Happy Hour"
23 Sep 2018 Crab Feast
14 Sep 2018 Reconnection Day
21 Jul 2018 Second Annual Book Club Retreat
8 Jun 2018 MAIT CEU Template Event
14 May 2018 'The Body Keeps Score'
13 Apr 2018 Dysregulated Dancing-When Only One Partner is on the Dance Floor

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