Transformation Through Connection

"The Quest for Connection: A Polyvagal Theory Guided Approach to Relationships" Webinar w/ Deb Dana 11.20.20

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The autonomic nervous system is at the heart of daily living powerfully defining experiences of safety and influencing the capacity for connection. Operating outside of awareness, autonomic circuits assess safety and risk and initiate actions to navigate the challenges of daily living. In this experiential workshop participants will learn the organizing principles of Polyvagal Theory and discover ways to become a regulated and regulating resource for their clients. Participants will explore practices designed to help couples identify and interrupt their familiar response patterns and experiment with strategies to shape their autonomic nervous systems toward safety and connection. Learning Objectives At the end of the training participants will be able to: ● Describe the autonomic hierarchy ● Summarize common body responses, behaviors, and beliefs for each autonomic state ● Explain the process of neuroception ● Discuss the autonomic need for co-regulation ● Identify ways to use the co-regulating pathways of the Social Engagement System in clinical sessions ● Recognize and interrupt common adaptive survival patterns Notes: This video training is 6 hours long. Once you place the order MAIT will send you a Vimeo link and password to access training in a separate email. Recordings will be available to you for 6 months after purchase.

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