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"When Your Client Doesn't Look Like You" w/ MAIT & Nedra Fetterman and Gene Shelly 3.04.2022IT_

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All therapy takes place in a multicultural context. Since behavior, beliefs and attitudes are learned in a particular cultural context, the culturally competent therapist must consider the impact of differing contexts. Clearly, we do not provide services to people just like ourselves. Cultural competence and sensitivity, part of any ethical clinical practice, requires our best thinking and practices as well as unpacking the invisible backpack we carry that contains our unconscious and implicit cultural attitudes about the “other.” This experiential, online course will peer into that backpack using Imago’s SocialJourney and Shadow Work as tools. Participants will be invited to courageously examine and illuminate well entrenched, albeit unconscious, beliefs - some of which are useful and valuable and others which may be limiting, crippling, and disempowering. We will be addressing not only the individual shadow, but our collective shadow as well. Confronting hard truths in a safe space, and healing the divided consciousness that underlies the shadow are key to increasing cultural knowledge and self-awareness as well as nurturing much needed change.

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