Transformation Through Connection

"Becoming a Creative Couple: Transformational change in Couples Therapy" Webinar w/ Hedy Schleifer 6.1.2020

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Join Hedy Schleifer as she takes you on a half-day journey to learn the road map that she designed to invite couples into “transformational change” where there is a “before” and an “after.” Hedy will invite participants to leave the training with a vision of how to achieve an even more relaxed and responsive therapeutic stance with couples, and with enhanced skills for “holding the space” for them. Participants in this webinar will: 1- Utilize a well delineated road map to assist the couple in taking productive steps towards a healthy and creative connection. 2- Assess the climate in the "space between” the couple, as a way for the couples therapist to assist a couple in creating a "safe haven" rather than a "war zone" or a “desert.” 3- Utilize practical techniques for couples to grow their attention span. focus, concentration and full presence with each other. Notes: This video training is 3 hours long Once you place the order MAIT will send you a Vimeo link and password to access training in a separate email Recordings will be available to you for 6 months after purchase.

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